About This Website

Our main purpose with Surprisingly Healthy is to hunt down and compile the very best healthy recipes being created by:

  • Independent publishers
  • Food bloggers
  • Home cooks
  • Dieticians
  • Nutritionists
  • Health coaches


It’s well known that healthy eating plays a massive role in losing weight and keeping it off. But we believe that healthy eating doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on flavor too

I think you’ll agree that it’s much easier to stick to a diet when the food tastes great.

And the thing is – there is scientific proof to back that up!

If you can eat food that’s healthy AND that you enjoy eating, then you’re setting yourself up with a much greater chance of success.

This is why we dedicate so much time & effort on your behalf to hunting down delicious new healthy recipes each week.

We currently have around 250 websites that we monitor, with hundreds more still to be sorted through and added.

All the recipes found on this website are posted in the hopes that you visit those other websites and learn more about the great recipes they’re publishing on a regular basis.

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